Atwater - Cosmos - Grove City Public School District 2396

Elementary School

ACGC Elementary

205 Wyoming Ave. W.
Atwater, MN 56209

Elementary School

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Elementary School Fax

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Welcome to ACGC Elementary School where our mission is to provide a positive, safe learning environment that promotes high levels of student achievement through standard based curriculum and data analysis by challenging students to their fullest potential with hands on learning and positive collaboration while inspiring lifelong learning. At ACGC we pride ourselves on:

  1. Being named a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School and providing a rich and innovating education for ALL students!
  2. Offering physical education every day, art two days per week, music two days per week, math brain gym two days per week, character education one day per week, library lesson one day per week and Boost-Up for all students PK-2!
  3. Developing a 4 Star Parent Aware on-site preschool program along with an on-site school aged child care program!
  4. Creating a learning environment where students feel safe, have fun learning and where parents feel connected to their child’s education!

Home-school communication is a key factor to building success at school. This website will serve as a guide to parents and our community to continue the lines of communication. I believe you will find it a valuable resource! I look forward to our partnership in continuing to make ACGC Elementary a place of educational excellence where all children can achieve!

Mrs. Goracke

Principal Kodi Goracke